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Nancy Smith is the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 65th State House District. She is a 23-year public school teacher with a history of advocacy for education, worker rights, human rights, and environment.

Nancy was born and raised in Michigan. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, studying in the School of Natural Resources. Eventually, she felt called to teaching. To combine her passion for the natural world with her desire to inspire a love of learning in young people, she earned her Master’s degree in Education at the University of Toledo.

Nancy began teaching in Toledo Public Schools, then moved with her family to Jackson County. She has been a special education teacher at Hanover-Horton High School since 2001.

In the last decade as a teacher, Nancy has watched while our state legislature reduced school funding, resulting in larger class sizes and lower teacher pay, attacked and weakened teacher unions, mandated unfair cost-sharing measures on teachers, and took control over curriculum and class-size decisions away from local districts. Since she began teaching, Nancy has witnessed a crisis in public education -- state legislators have undermined the dignity of our schools and our teachers. One distressing result is a serious teacher shortage throughout Michigan -- young people are not entering schools of education, and schools are struggling to fill teaching positions.

To make a difference locally and to be a voice for teachers at the county and state level, Nancy Smith has been an active union member for 23 years. She stood with thousands of union workers, including teachers, police, firefighters, nurses, autoworkers, and construction workers in 2012 to protest against the harmful Right to Work law. 


Nancy is married, and she and her husband have one daughter who will begin college in fall of 2020.

Nancy Smith decided to retire from teaching in 2020 and run for state representative. Frustrated by a legislature with its priorities in the wrong place, she is running to be part of the solution -- part of a State House that prioritizes the needs of everyday people, not big-money special interests and wealthy corporations. Nancy wants to be elected as your Representative in District 65 to fight for good government, fully-funded public education, good-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, farm policy that's fair to family farmers, rural internet, and modern, sustainable infrastructure.

Nancy’s Community Leadership and Involvement Include:

  • Hanover-Horton Education Association Board Member

  • Jackson Community Forum, founding member & Chair

  • Jackson Area Youth Council, adviser

  • Jackson Personal Care Ministry, volunteer

  • UU Church of East Liberty, Board Member, Education Committee Chair

  • Hanover-Horton High School GSA Faculty Adviser


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