Nancy Smith recognizes the importance of Michigan's environment and believes it should be preserved for future generations. She is strongly supportive of efforts to ensure our Great Lakes are protected from pollution and erosion, and is committed to securing additional support for environmental restoration efforts in District 65 and across the state. 

Nancy also believes that our policies should be guided by science, and accepts the scientific consensus that climate change is real and demands a decisive response at all levels of government. Though climate change poses a significant environmental challenge, she also believes it provides us an important economic opportunity. As your state representative, Nancy is committed to securing additional investment in clean energy in District 65, which could create thousands of well-paid union jobs. 

Nancy will also support a range of policies and projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as encouraging the state and local governments to transition to all-electric vehicle fleets, investing in EV charging infrastructure, and expanding access to trails and alternative forms of transportation. 


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