For too long, our agricultural policy has prioritized the interests of large, corporate agriculture operations while leaving small and mid-sized farms behind. It’s time to give our family farms a boost -- and that’s exactly what Nancy intends to do. 


Nancy Smith recognizes the important role of unions in building the middle class, working for higher pay, better benefits, and safer workplaces...


For the past twenty-three years as a special education teacher, Nancy Smith has dedicated herself to the conviction that every child -- regardless of income, race, or disability -- deserves a quality public education...


Nancy Smith believes that our policies should be guided by science. She accepts the scientific consensus that climate change is real and demands a decisive response at all levels of government...

Gun Safety

As an educator, Nancy Smith understands the importance of gun safety. Since 1970, Michigan has experienced 70 school shootings...


Nancy Smith believes that healthcare is a human right. She will work to enshrine the Affordable Care Act’s patient protections in state law and defend Michigan’s Medicaid expansion law from attempts to impose stigmatizing ‘work requirements.’...


Nancy Smith understands the importance of infrastructure investment. Currently, Michigan ranks among the bottom ten states in infrastructure spending, which is reflected in the critical condition of our state highways and local roads...

LGBTQ Rights

Nancy Smith firmly believes that every Michigander should be able to live and work without experiencing discrimination...

Voting Rights

Nancy Smith understands that the right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. Unfortunately, for many low-income people and people of color, this right is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise...

Women's Rights

As a former high school teacher, Nancy Smith understands the importance of reproductive education and healthcare. Currently, Michigan is one of several states in which school districts are not required to offer medically accurate sexual education or address contraception...


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